Our undefined was freeing the home

Our was cold the home and I couldn’t sit it anymore. My husband always prefers to have the home a little bit cold and he always has the smart temperature control set at about 60 degrees. I, on the other hand, cannot sit when the home is that cold, 60 degrees is an unreasonably cold temperature to have all year round. Last evening, I got home from work and was looking forward to coming out of the snowy weather and walking into a nice warm home and feeling the warm air from the furnace, but when I entered the house, I had almost no comfort of warmth because our husband had the air conditioner set so low. I stomped to the smart temperature control and turned on the heat and set the temperature to 68 degrees, when our husband came to greet me, he saw the temperature control and was right away horrified. “Why did you change the temperature on the smart temperature control?!” She was so aggravated that I had changed the temperature and I did not understand why, he was all bundled up in a hoodie, leggings, fuzzy socks, and a hat in the house! I told his it was way too cold outside to only have the home at 60 degrees. She rolled his eyes and walked back to the residing room. Later that evening, I was once again cold in our own house, and it turns out that our husband had turned the on. I went to the smart temperature control and turned off the again and turned on the heat. The two of us had a couple of discussions about this and then decided to get zone controlled heating cooling so that some rooms would be the temperature that he wanted and some would be the temperature I wanted.


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