Passing on restaurant due to awful Heating and Air Conditioning

I have heard a ton of reasons for moving on from restaurants.

But leaving a restaurant behind due to Heating and Air Conditioning complications isn’t one of them that I can recall.

Yet, that is exactly what has taken venue. My partner and I have had to cease going to one of our favorite dining spots because the Heating and Air Conditioning is terrible. I’m just not willing to pay on going out to lunch only to sweat into my entree. That just makes zero sense to me. And, it’s such a shame because the venue is wonderful otherwise. With a simply Heating and Air Conditioning replace, this restaurant could be one of the best in the city. A restauranteur who wouldn’t make a easy Heating and Air Conditioning change in order to keep buyers is a new one for me. Each time both of us were seated in the bedroom, it was uncomfortable. The way the kitchen works is that it’s basically open. So, there is entirely no where in the smallish dining part where you can hide from the kitchen heat. Hence the need for some just basic Heating and Air Conditioning. Instead, they limp along with this completely outdated Heating and Air Conditioning system. It’s not even commercial grade! Within minutes of sitting down, I can feel the sweat starting to slide down my back. By the time the apps get there, I’m mopping my brow. I don’t even want to get into what a mess I am by the time the entree is complete. It’s so exhausting that both of us have never even tried dessert there. Well, we’re done with it. Although, I guess both of us may try to talk them into a take out situation.



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