Preparation is the most important key to success

My Dad and dad always told myself and others that it was important to be prepared… When I got ready for bed at evening, I got my clothes, books, and my dinner ready for college the next day.

I prepared for tests and exams for days in advance.

I have always believed that preparation is the most important key to success. I still guess that to this day and I suppose it is one of the reasons why my Heating and A/C upgrade business is so successful. I guess that preparation is important and I follow a strict guideline when training all of the new employees. I want them to be successful in the business and I want them to follow the same motto. I only have a small crew, so I am identifiable about the employees that I hire, and two of the employees in my crew have been full time employees for several or more years, however multiple other boys are relatively new. I had to let go of someone that I thought was promising. I trained an Heating and A/C upgrade employee for 2 months and the woman showed up for labor on time every morning. The people I was with and I ran tests on a/c upgrades jobs, heat pump repairs, and a boiler upgrade… As soon as the training time was over, I couldn’t get the woman to come to labor before 9 am. I told this employee multiple times that I needed him to be on time every morning. When she could not muster the energy to come to labor on time several days in a row, I had to fire the woman. I need someone who wants to labor strenuous and make money.

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