Radiant heat and ductless AC are great options for allergy sufferers

Several members of my family suffer from terrible seasonal allergies.

  • My wife is allergic to fresh cut grass and pollen.

All three of our children have the same allergies. During the spring and summer months, everyone in the house is miserable. A couple of years ago, my wife and I took the kids to a specialist to discuss their seasonal allergies. The specialist suggested that we make some changes in our home to accommodate the symptoms. The specialist suggested buying an air purifier for the house. The specialist also suggested getting rid of our home HVAC unit to make room for radiant heat and ductless AC options. My wife and I knew that we could not afford to get rid of our HVAC unit and we definitely didn’t have the money to install radiant heat or ductless AC. We did have enough money to buy an air purifier for the house. We bought an air purifier that attaches directly to our home heating and cooling unit. All of the air that comes into the machine is purified and sanitized before it leaves the machine. Until my wife and I can afford to change our heating and cooling method, the air purifier will have to be enough. Both of us talked to an HVAC contractor about the radiant heat and ductless AC options. Neither one of these are in our price range. Even if we got a loan to pay for the installation fees, we would still have trouble making the payment each month. It’s simply not affordable for a family with two full time jobs and three kids.

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