Renting a shop space since there is no room for woodworking

My husband loves working with wood.

At our old apartment he had a tiny backyard shed that he kept all his tools, woods and stains in.

When it came time to do his woodworking, he could do them in the yard and store them in our laundry room. Our new house didn’t come with a backyard shed. Inside the house he has a giant tool room, but it is proving to be a pain moving the tools outside to work on his wood. The worst part is that once he finishes a table, rocking chair or dresser, there is nowhere to put them but inside the house. I have found that you can rent a shop space in Northland quite cheap. Just googling shop space for rent gave me plenty of options. The one place I am in particular looking at has a whole bunch of open rooms. You can rent an office space, artisan loft, enterprise center or one of their shop spaces. I checked the dimensions and it should be large enough to hold the tools, wood and the finished pieces! Anytime my husband wants to work on his wood creations he will need to drive only 10 minutes and have everything right there. Obviously renting a shop space isn’t a long term solution. My husband won’t want to be parted from his tools all of the time. For right now though, renting a shop space is the easiest and cheapest solution. Once our finances get together I will be able to have a shed built in the backyard for him.

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