Retirement comes with plenty of air conditioning

I don’t miss the winters at all.

But I will admit that it took me a while to get accustomed to all the HVAC cooling that my new summers require.

It’s been worth it though and I would make the same decision to retire down south all over again if I had to. My wife was the main driver for retiring in the sun. She’s from the south and has had to endure far too many cold winters full of a gas furnace running night and day in order to heat our homes. For a full decade prior to us moving down here, she was already putting it all together. We would vacation in spots that were potential landing areas for us once we retired. By the time I actually did pull the trigger on retirement, the cold of winter was really getting to me. I just felt like the trade of a gas furnace for a heat pump would be in my very best interest as well as my wife’s best interest. And that first winter down here was heaven. The heat pump hardly even came on as there weren’t too many days that required much heating in our house. But as the months passed, the heat and humidity increased dramatically. Initially, this was really tough to get accustomed to. I ended up staying inside the HVAC cooling far more than I should have. So this past spring, I started acclimating myself to the heat earlier. This made it much more pleasant once the heat really hit and it saved us a lot on HVAC cooling costs.

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