Saving energy everyway I can

I like to save currency, especially when it comes to HVAC equipment, then my energy bills with my HVAC unit is something I am consistently analyzing. The system of paying a ton just to have heating plus cooling doesn’t sit well with me, then i have l gained how I split expenses though. I make sure to not leave my door or windows open. I also have caulked around the windows, added insulation around the baseboards plus checked around my door for cracks. I even splurged for air duct sealing to make sure a tiny hole in the ducts were not causing a large jump in my energy bills. I make sure that I don’t heat plus cool unused rooms. Investing in a ductless HVAC unit plus having zone control wasn’t cheap. Over time it has saved myself and others currency. Rooms I am in are the only ones getting heating or cooling. My bedroom is not getting anything until I go to sleep at evening. My new home gym only gets one minute of AC. It keeps the costs low plus I don’t notice a difference. Another perk is my ductless system is a heat pump… How the heat pump provides heating plus cooling is quite efficient. It doesn’t create heat, however instead uses heat energy already in the air. It just pumps it indoors for heating plus outdoors for a cooling effect. I get cleaner air quality doing this as well. All of my investments cost a lot upfront, however overtime I am saving energy plus currency. I know everything was worth it at the end of the morning.


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