She Needed a Ductless Mini Split System

When my hair stylist started her own business, she transformed the downstairs of her basement into her own shop! The basement had its own access in addition to there was enough room for her to work with her customers, however during my first hair appointment in her up-to-date shop, I was shocked by how overheated it was.

Typically, basements are cooler than the rest of the cabin because they are underground; With all the blow drying in addition to hot tools though, the basement was left feeling humid in addition to warm, however i didn’t say anything about the temperature, because I was blissful for my hair stylist in addition to I wanted to support her journey, and about halfway through the appointment, my hairstylist apologized for the overheated un-even temperatures, and she told myself and others that the last thing she needed to install to her salon was a duchess mini cut system.

The ductless mini cut method was going to be installed right under the ceiling in addition to it didn’t need to affix to the air duct of the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system. The up-to-date method would keep the basement cooled while she was working in addition to there was a remote for her to control the settings in addition to it would only be used when she needed it. I didn’t recognize anything about ductless mini cut systems, so this was all up-to-date information to me. The ductless mini cut method seemed like a good way for my hair stylist to cool her up-to-date studio, in addition to I was worried for her to get it installed. I didn’t want to rest through another appointment with no AC!



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