Should you turn your AC on or off when on vacation?

At the peak of summer, homeowners tend to leave their homes for their long-awaited summer vacations to enjoy the warm weather. As you prepare your home for your departure, it is imperative that you also plan for how you’ll manage your appliances, particularly your air conditioning system. There are numerous factors to consider when deciding whether to leave your HVAC system off or on. If your primary concern is saving the most energy, turning off your AC will be in your best interest. Otherwise, the more widely recommended alternative is to turn your thermostat up while you are away on vacation, not off. To help you make your decision, consider the length of your vacation. If it’s a short vacation, maybe a day or two, it’s better to keep your AC on, but with a higher temperature setting. A programmable thermostat would come in handy in this situation, as it allows you to set your desired temperature at different times for it to switch on and off automatically. Set your thermostat up about 7 to 10 degrees higher than usual while you are on vacation. You can also decrease the workload on your air conditioner by closing your curtains and drapes before you leave your home. This will block your home from the afternoon sun and keep it a bit cooler. For lengthier vacations of more than a week, you may turn off your cooling system. But remember to use your programmable thermostat to start cooling your home a day before you return.

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