Signs for park

I am part of a community group focused on beautifying our local area.

  • We’ve organized projects to pick up litter, plant gardens and tear down abandoned buildings.

Our latest focus has been an area that includes a park and hiking trails along a large large lake. There are beautiful views from the small mountains and the opportunity for water activities such as kayaking, fishing, jet skiing and boating. However, the area has been neglected for a really long time. It required maintenance and updates. We needed to improve the bathroom facilities, ensure the safety of the trails and create a picnic and play area. We also wanted to provide the public with plenty of information. This included printing up pamphlets that include the history of the area, details about local wildlife, safety rules and a map of the trails. We needed signs marking all of the trails, rest areas and viewing areas. We needed signs with the rules for the park, hiking and lake clearly provided. These signs are exposed to sun, rain, snow and wind all year round. It’s important that they do not fade, peel, tear or become illegible. We don’t have unlimited funds. The signs need to be durable yet also not detract from the beauty of the surroundings. It was my job to take care of all of the printed materials. It was a lot more time, effort and research than I first expected. I worried over choosing the right colors and font. I stressed over finding the right printing company to handle weather-proof signs. I was concerned the pamphlets wouldn’t arrive in time for our grand opening or show up with typos in them.

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