Sisters boyfriend thinks he’s the fitness expert

My sister’s new boyfriend is one of those people that thinks he’s an expert at everything.

He constantly brags about his skills and knowledge.

When he found out that I am a certified fitness instructor, he immediately told me about his workout regiment. He definitely thinks he’s in better physical shape than I am. He is confident that he can run further, do more pushups and complete more pull-ups than I can. I’d really like to prove him wrong. He doesn’t even workout every day. I’ve seen him run and his form is all wrong. Every time he opens his mouth I want to challenge him to a contest. I’d like to line up side by side and do proper push ups. I’d like to race him. I doubt he can even run further than a mile or two. His idea of a strenuous workout is lifting extremely heavy weights for a couple of repetitions. He has no idea how to go about a proper warm up or cool down. He’s not flexible in the least. I’ve seen him attempt to touch his toes. I can demonstrate a full split in any direction. I can walk on my hands and hold the plank position forever. My sister keeps begging me not to antagonize or challenge her boyfriend. She knows that I’ll end up embarrassing him. I think it would be good for him. He has the mistaken idea that because he’s a man, he’s automatically more fit than I am. He might be able to lift a heavier weight, but he’ll probably hurt himself in the process.

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