Skype date didn’t go well – dirt in air

Sometimes I’m shocked by how observative other humans can be.

I don’t think I’m completely oblivious to my surroundings, but then someone will point out a tiny detail that I have never observed before and I began questioning everything.

This was recently what occured when I agreed to go on a Skype date with someone new and found myself being shamed for my awful air quality from really far away. You see, I’d grown bored with my same outdated neighbor friends, so I started meeting people on social media. When this boy asked me on a virtual date I was more than happy to give it a shot. Unfortunately, it was only a couple moments into the call before he brought up my dirty indoor air instead of getting to know me. According to him, my HVAC proposal wasn’t doing a satisfactory job filtering the indoor air. He said there was a ton of airborne contamination and pollution circulating through the air ducts that I wasn’t paying attention to. This was obvious when he started speaking about my horrendous indoor air conditions and my need for a brand new air cleaner. I was shocked with his assertions that my HVAC proposal wasn’t up to par. This is when he told me he could literally see flecks of dirt floating through my air inside on our Skype call. I do not know if it was the lighting in my house or his impeccable eyesight, but our Skype date claimed he could see the dander and dirt that circulated from my air vents each time my HVAC proposal started up. Apparently, I need new glasses or a brand new heating and cooling system.


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