Skype date didn’t go well – dirt in air

Sometimes I’m surprised by how observative other humans can be.

I don’t think I’m completely oblivious to my surroundings, but recently, somebody pointed out a tiny detail that I’ve never noticed before, so I’ve been questioning everything.

I agreed to go on a virtual date with someone I’d just met, as well as found myself being shamed for the bad air quality in my house. You see, I’d grown tired of meeting the same old group of people, so I started finding people on social media. When this girl asked me if I’d go on a virtual date, I was more than cheerful to comply. However, it was only a few minutes into the date when she began talking about my dirty indoor air more than trying to talk to me. Apparently, my HVAC system wasn’t doing a good enough job at filtering the air in my house. She said there was a lot of airborne contamination as well as pollution circulating throughout my air ducts that I was apparently neglecting. This was obvious when she began speaking about the horrendous air quality as well as need for a modern media air cleaner. I was stunned by her assertions that my HVAC system wasn’t up to par for several minutes. This is when she said that she could literally see dirt floating in the air on our virtual date. I don’t know if it was the lighting from my screen or her impeccable eyesight, but our virtual date could really see the dirt as well as dander circulating in the air every time my HVAC system kicked into gear. I need modern glasses, a modern nose, as well as a modern heating as well as cooling system, clearly.

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