Skype date didn’t go well – dirt in air

Sporadically, I’m stunned by how observative other humans are.

I don’t feel like I’m oblivious to my surroundings, however then somebody points out a small detail that I’ve never observed before and I have to think about everything.

This was recently what happened when I said yes to a Skype date with a new friend and found myself being shamed for horrible air quality from multiple miles away! You see, I’d grown bored with the same old people I was meeting in town, so I started socializing online. This one girl asked me to do a virtual date, and I was more than delighted to agree. Unfortunately, it was only a couple moments into the call before she began telling me about my dirty indoor air rather than trying to get to know me! Apparently, the heating and cooling plan wasn’t doing an adequate task filtering the air inside. There must be a bunch of airborne contamination and pollution coming through the ductworks that I’ve not been privy to. It was odd when she started telling me about the horrendous indoor air quality and my need for a current air cleaner. I was certainly puzzled with the assertions that my heating and cooling plan wasn’t in good condition. This is when my date told me that she could literally see dirt floating through our indoor air on our date. I don’t know if it was my computer lighting or her impeccable eyesight, however our online dates could undoubtedly see the dirt and dust that circulated from my air vents each time the HVAC plan started running. I need better glasses, a better nose, and a better heating and cooling system, apparently.



a/c serviceman