Social media boosts your SEO rankings

Image is everything, according to the new generations.

  • It’s funny, because I was raised to be humble, to not brag, and this really works against me in the modern day sensibility, when shameless self promotion and constant boasting is the norm for most people.

Buy a car or something very expensive? Post about it! Get a raise or a promotion? Post about it! Did someone you love die, well you better go post about it and get all those sympathy likes! I am a private person, so I have social media accounts, but I don’t really know how to use them. I basically only want to use social media to boost my SEO scores for my websites and increase my traffic. Although I am a very private person about myself, all of my businesses are online, and require constant SEO work to remain profitable. I have hired a few new people to come in and work with the social media accounts and get them working for the overall search engine optimization. I don’t want to spend too much time on any one social media platform, but if SEO and google rankings are influenced by social media visibility then it has to be addressed. It seems like every single thing you do online impacts your SEO rankings, so I try to watch all the details. We need to find out which social media platforms have the most sway over SEO and visibility in Google searches, and focus more on those. I don’t pay for internet marketing, I focus entirely on SEO, but I guess that means social media, too.

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