Some mice in the HVAC duct cause problems

Having rodents in the HVAC duct can cause a number of problems; Unfortunately, it’s hard to guess there is an issue until you have a problem, then my fiance plus I found out the hard way that we had rodents in the HVAC duct.

We were laying in the residing room 1 night enjoying a movie on the television; It was a quiet scene in the movie plus my fiance plus I heard a scratching sound above our head; The sound was coming from the ceiling.

My fiance was instantly concerned that we had mice in the ceiling. I told her that the issue was definitely a loose screw in the HVAC duct. The next morning, I tried to find the problem. I decided it was a better method to call a company that specializes in HVAC duct problems. The HVAC duct company serviceman was only in our beach beach house for a short amount of time when she told us that we needed an exterminator. She used a camera to view down many of the HVAC duct passages plus found many mice. My fiance plus I called a pest control repair plus they had to come out on 3 unusual occasions to eradicate the problem; After the mice were completely gone, we had to call the HVAC duct cleaning company to get rid of all the mice droppings. The whole ordeal was enough to make me buy a ductless Heating & Air Conditioning plan plus closed down the ducts for good. It was a disgusting problem plus we spent a thoUSAnd dollars getting rid of those pests. The exterminator told us the problem wasn’t even severe!



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