Sometimes they are actually nice

In the past I have had attitude issues with a lot of the heating and air conditioning specialists I have called.

  • When I need some kind of heat and a/c repair or just a general HVAC tune up and check up, my luck with heating and air conditioning specialists was not too good.

Sure they got the job done, but they were so either robotic with no personality or just plain old grumpy and mean! I noticed this more with the HVAC workers from the heating and air conditioning companies verses the heating and air conditioning independent contractors. Most of the independent heating and air conditioning contractors were actually very friendly and personable. I think this has to do with the fact that they have to not only be HVAC professionals, but they have to also be customer service and business like people. Because after all, they are their own boss and they single handedly are the face and rep of their heating and cooling repair and installation service! So this actually makes sense. While the HVAC workers who work for the heating and air conditioning companies are not, and they are paid low wages a lot of times. I can understand why they are not so friendly and just go through the motions of getting the job done and then moving on to the next as quickly as they possibly can. It is just a shame that HVAC workers from heat and a/c companies have to get treated like they do to make them act bitter or mean sometimes.

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