Son is mimicking me as HVAC technician

My son has recently had a fascination with my work, and has been following me around and asking questions on everything I do.

I am a HVAC technician, and I explained to him that I fix the things that keep our house feeling comfortable. He keeps asking if he can follow me to my HVAC company and watch me work, which obviously isn’t going to happen, I try to tell him this, but he always seems disappointed. So, when our heating and cooling system was due for maintenance, I let him watch as I performed maintenance on our cooling system. He seemed fascinated as I checked the different parts of the heating system and made sure that all of the parts were working and up-to-date. My son loved to point and ask what each and every part is and what they do, and I had fun explaining. I knew my son was fascinated with my job, but I didn’t realize the extent of how much he was fascinated with my job. He started telling the other kids at the school that he was also a HVAC specialist, and drawing pictures of him attempting to fix A/C units. I think the ultimate is when he came home and proudly called me over to show me his latest creation. He then gave me a HVAC component made entirely of legos, which was pretty impressive. I displayed his creation on my wall and told him he did a great job. I don’t know if his fascination is a phase, or if he is actually fascinated with my job, but maybe when he is older I was thinking of teaching him the basics of HVAC.


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