Space heaters are the perfect gift for college students

My son is a senior in college and I am so proud of how far he has come all on his own.

It’s not everyday an underprivileged family is able to see their first-born graduate on a full scholarship.

I’m constantly bragging about him and all of his endeavors! My friends with kids always ask me for advice about college based on my experience with him. I have a few friends who have kids starting school next year and they’re very worried about what to bring. I always tell them the best investment we made for our son was a space heater! You wouldn’t believe how cold those dorm rooms get. And they have zero control over the thermostat. I read in a blog that buying a space heater was necessary even during the hotter months. The brick walls in some dorm rooms are so old that there is hardly any insulation in there, so the cool air outside just seeps into the room. It’s very dangerous to sleep in, so we made sure that the entire room had some heat in it. My son and his roommates were sleeping so well that news spread across their dorm floor to buy space heaters. The school actually began selling them at their campus bookstore in response! You would think that schools would take things like this as a sign to improve the heating system in the dorm itself, but that’s capitalism for you. Space heaters definitely improve the quality of life for freshmen. It’s worth the small investments for your child’s comfort while they’re away at school!


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