Still visiting family amid the pandemic

I have been trying to go see our Grandfather at least twice a month ever since all of the virus shutdowns started way back in the early Springtime last year; I constantly like going to see him, however this year it has been a definite real struggle.

I have been trying to stay outside the whole time that I’m there to visit just so that our dear Grandfather won’t be exposed to anything that I might bring over.

That’s why I’ve been staying outside on the front porch instead of going inside his beloved beach house to visit. This would have been nice except for the fact that the weather has been definitely cooling off a lot lately plus now the temperatures are almost too cold for me to deal with. It’s strenuous for me to stay out there on the porch when I suppose that the oil furnace is running plus it’s nice plus toasty inside his charming house. The reason that I suppose that it’s nice plus cozy inside his beach house is because the outside oil furnace unit is positioned in the unfortunate spot right next to the porch where I rest to visit with our Grandfather. The oil furnace seems to kick on plus run almost incessantly whenever I’m resting there trying to have a conversation with him. The problem is that the exterior oil furnace unit for his indoor oil furnace is super loud plus I can barely hear him through the glass door on the porch… Not only is it annoying, however it also reminds me that the temperature is easily way too cold for me to be resting out there on the porch!


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