Temporarily dealing with not so good HVAC

Having to live in a rental unit with less than ideal heating and cooling is sort of adding insult to injury.

And less than ideal is really sort of sugar coating the heating and cooling we get in this rental condo.

But I keep telling myself it’s temporary. Still, when I call the rental office about the fact that the air conditioning can’t keep up, I don’t see any HVAC professionals. What I do see is a handyman who does basically nothing and the poor HVAC cooling continues. Again, we’re halfway through the summer and I keep the temporary status of our tenure here front of mind. Still, it’s just so frustrating. We just sold our house and we’re living in a rental until our new home is finished. That’s still another 4 or 5 months away at best. Prior to selling our home, we had the HVAC replaced. We replaced it with state of the art HVAC technology in order to further entice buyers and get a great price on the house. It worked as we were able to get a price about 15 percent over asking. That’s how crazy the housing market is right now. The new HVAC equipment was just so great. It has the highest SEER rating of just about any quality heating and air systems out there. And our house was just heavenly for the months that I was able to enjoy the new HVAC equipment. So moving to this condo and enduring the hottest summer inside a house I have ever experienced has not been fun at all. But again, it’s just temporary right?


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