That HVAC repair is the domain of professionals only

Like most everyone else, our lives have been a bit upended this year.

We are simply trying to keep going until there is once again a sense of normalcy.

However, that may be asking a bit much once this pandemic is over. I’m not sure things will ever really get back to the way they were for us. I know that working from the comfort of my HVAC maintained home was a big change. While I have become a bit more accustomed to it, I still miss the office environment that I was once part of. That being said, I probably better get used to spending more time working from the HVAC inside my house. I imagine our company will maintain much of the new remote working platform. This was an approach they were trying to instill at least a year prior to the pandemic. While I may still go back to some sort of work environment, I don’t imagine it will be every day. So, that means goodbye to the perfectly appointed office with its own HVAC control. However, if that is the worst that happens, I can’t complain much. In fact, I really just want to get back to making my full income. Cutting our spending as we have has made me consider expenditures that I would never have considered prior to all of this. Like when the HVAC tech told us that we would need a fairly expensive HVAC repair, I thought about the alternatives. I didn’t act on it because no one but the HVAC certified technicians work on our HVAC. Yet, I still considered it and that is far, far from normal.
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