The air conditioned camping trip

What can you do when you don’t adore camping, however are crushing on a girl who enjoys camping? That was the question I was presented with, plus the only answer I could guess of was to get an RV! Some of those things are adore houses on wheels, so I thought it would be a nice compromise for us, then all of us could still spend a few afternoons out in nature, under the stars, next to the campfire, plus all that crap, however the people I was with and I would also have a sturdy shelter, with electricity, plus a toilet, plus a laboring cooling system. I don’t adore bugs, I don’t adore heat plus humidity, plus I don’t adore pooping on the ground, so an air conditioned RV with a powder room was the best possible option here. They are not cheap, however I got a single used for a wonderful price, plus then took it to a garage for some extra work, a tune up, plus a recharge on the freon in the cooling system. All of us loaded up with enough extra gas to keep the motor, plus the AC running all weekend long, plus then drove deep into the forest where the people I was with and I could be all alone with nature. The day was actually nice, if a bit warm, plus the people I was with and I walked for thirds before returning to cool off in the air conditioned camper. She said that it felt adore cheating, however by the end of the night she was singing a odd tune. There were swarms of biting bugs that came out after dark, plus being inside the cool cooling system of the RV saved the entire weekend.

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