The casino hotel room wasn't absolutely nice or expensive

My lady and I decided to get out of neighborhood for the weekend and the two of us made the decision to go to the beach to gamble… There are a couple of casinos on the beach and it’s a fun venue for my lady and I to hang out for a couple of afternoons; Both of us love to play cards and slots and both of us can spend all afternoon hanging out in the casino gambling.

The people I was with and I never stayed in a casino hotel room, however both of us thought it would be a nice change.

The people I was with and I easily expected the hotel room to be nice and expensive, especially since the two of us had to pay $149 for one night! Unfortunately, the casino hotel room wasn’t absolutely nice or expensive, in fact, it looked like a dump. The floors were dirty and covered with stain and the Heating and A/C unit was leaking all over the floor. I told my lady that I did not care if the floors were dirty, although she was absolutely irate, she called the front desk and she complained about the dirty floor and the leaking Heating and A/C unit. The next saying that I think the two of us were moving to a unusual room on the other side of the casino. The new room was a lot nicer and it was much cleaner. I recognize it was a great thing that my lady called to complain about the floors and the leaking Heating and A/C unit, because she got us a easily nice free update. The front desk clerk even presented us with a voucher for $50 at any slot machine.


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