The grand opening of the local heating corps almost goes wrong

The two of us were reopening the Heating & Air Conditioning store after one year of closing down, and the two of us had gone through such hard finances last year that all of us could not stay open so all of us filed for bankruptcy & closed the shop, however since I always pull myself up by the bootstrap, I looked for alternative ways to make cash to spend our money off the debts, but most of our buyers were invited to the opening & all of us had some of the new heating units on sale that day, and every one of our outsourced Heating & Air Conditioning techs was also meant to show up. My heating corp was popular among the locals & all of us had a lot of buyers from in & surrounding areas. The two of us had racked up positive reviews over the years for providing extra satisfying services, but before closing down, all of us were contracted to supply heating & air conditioners, all of us also did some boiler replacements; As an after-sales service, all of us offered one session of gas furnace/heater tune-up free, then in addition, all of us offered each purchaser with our pamphlet of energy saving help guidelines. The two of us were in the final preparations for the grand opening, where all of us were debuting a newcomer in the market, the geo heat pump & other smaller units such as the oil oil furnace & the portable space heater. The wireless control units had been a fan number one for a while now & all of us always made sure not to run out, and when all of us were a few hours from opening, the central heating started making a whizzing sound, I suddenly contacted the repairman who claimed that the condenser needed to be lubricated since the moving metals of the ductless Heating & Air Conditioning were rubbing against each other causing the whizzing, however once fixed, all of us were able to keep the store sizzling using the newly fixed electric furnace.
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