The hotel desk clerk was rude as well as discourteous

My wife as well as I went to the neighborhood for a couple of mornings as well as we decided to stay in a hotel.

I made reservations online with a single of the websites.

I picked a room with a king-size bed, refrigerator, safe, as well as a view of the neighborhood skyline; My wife as well as I checked into the room on Thursday night. The two of us did not have any plans until Friday, but we wanted to be well rested for our day in the city, and as soon as we checked into the room, we realized that the Heating as well as Air Conditioning component wasn’t running. I walked over to the component near the window as well as I changed the temperature on the control unit. I turned on the AC, adjusted the fan to high, as well as adjusted the control component to 75°. The cooling system came on as well as started running, but it stopped after a hour or two. The component was making a unusual sound enjoy the fan was trying to run but something was stuck inside. I called the front desk clerk to inform the guy about the complication with the AC. The hotel desk clerk was rude as well as discourteous as well as he did not want to switch our room. I told the clerk that we weren;t going to stay in that room unless the A/C complication was fixed immediately, however when he told me that it would take numerous hours, I demanded another room. The desk clerk tried to tell me that they did not have any other rooms available, although I knew that was a lie. After all, the parking lot was half empty as well as it was almost 8 at that time.

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