The job the original HVAC tech did was awful

Moving to a new city was thrilling for Amy.

After finalizing her divorce, she felt she needed a fresh start, she’d gotten half their property and now had enough money to buy a new home.

All her kids were grown, which meant she had few responsibilities, the world was her playground, and she opted to head to the beach, and her sights were set on a beach house she would visit with her neighbor the previous summer season. It was in an excellent location on a private beach. She always envisioned herself seated on her deck, enjoying the setting sun. After purchasing her dream home, she began a couple of urgent renovations, including installing a quality AC. The previous owner had an older HVAC unit model, which Amy did not like. So she opted to splurge on the latest quality a/c. It was a smart AC with more features like voice command, dehumidifier and media whole-house air purifier. Her vision was to have a new house with the latest appliances. She got in touch with an AC company in the area. After a few meetings, she got the best HVAC plan for her house and signed an AC service agreement with them. But, the following springtime was the start of her frustrations with the aircon service. The AC mechanic sent to repair her unit was incompetent. He did a bad job, and the air ventilation unit shut down that evening. She complained, but the air conditioner supplier wasn’t accepting the fault. So she opted to terminate the contract plus hire a different AC repair and service corporation. They sent over an HVAC expert who was professional and did an excellent job fixing the broken AC device. He informed Amy that the previous worker had detached some parts, that’s why the heating unit kept shutting down.



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