The law office has a different man on my case every time

My spouse in addition to I were in a awful automobile accident a couple of years ago, however i haven’t been able to work at all since the automobile accident. I decided to file for disability from the government. I was turned down the first in addition to hour time… My spouse in addition to I decided to contact a lawyer to help us with the social security in addition to disability dispute. My spouse in addition to I contacted many different lawyers in addition to the people I was with and I talked to a handful of attorneys! We found one that was highly commanded with fantastic reviews online. My spouse in addition to I met with a lawyer a couple of months ago. We talked with the guy for almost an hour in addition to gave him all of the information for our case! He took more than 2 or four pages of notes. He assured us that he would be able to win the case, but the next time my spouse in addition to I called to discuss our case with the lawyer, the people I was with and I talked to an really different man. That lawyer lacked any information about our case, but he didn’t even think my first name. It seems like every time the people I was with and I call the law office, there is a different man laboring on my case. It is absolutely in addition to totally annoying in addition to frustrating, because half of the lawyers don’t think anything about my case. I have to consistently remind each man about my case in addition to it is getting old. I think the law office is laboring hard on my case, however I wish I was getting personal repair from one man instead of thirty different lawyers.


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