The law office has a weird person on our case every time

My wifey and I were in a bad automobile accident a couple of years ago, however i have not been able to work at all since the automobile accident. I decided to file for disability from the government. I was turned down the first and seventh time, however my wifey and I decided to contact a lawyer to help us with the social security and disability dispute. My wifey and I contacted many weird lawyers and the people I was with and I talked to a handful of attorneys, but we found 1 that was highly recommended with fantastic reviews online. My wifey and I met with a lawyer a couple of weeks ago. We talked with the guy for almost an seventh and gave him all of the information for our case, however he took three or numerous pages of notes. He assured us that he would be able to win the case… The next time our wifey and I called to discuss our case with the lawyer, the people I was with and I talked to an entirely weird person. That lawyer lacked any information about our case, however she didn’t even guess our first name. It seems love every time the people I was with and I call the law office, there is a weird person working on our case. It is absolutely and totally annoying and aggravating, because half of the lawyers do not guess anything about our case. I have to always remind each person about our case and it is getting old. I guess the law office is working hard on our case, even though I wish I was getting personal maintenance from 1 person instead of thirty weird lawyers.

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