The leasing agency did me dirty

My previous property owner was a real snake.

Whenever I first met him, she pretended to be the nicest woman in the world. Before I even signed the lease, she kept telling me how she would be over there in minutes if I possibly needed anything. She promised to fix anything wrong with the house, regardless of what it ever was. I was swayed in the area because the house came furnished. At the time, I was limited on furniture. I had a nice little desk, TV, as well as two mattresses. Renting a furnished house was definitely super convenient for me. I enjoyed the couch as well as the bed more than anything else in the whole house, especially after I came home from a difficult day at work. But after I had already dealt with a small issue with the powder room sink, things started to fall apart. Instead of going and hiring a plumber, the property owner showed up with a tool box. I asked if she used to be a tradesman, however she claimed to have learned everything regarding home service off the internet in the past. The sink kept leaking, so much so that I had to leave a large container underneath the p-trap at all times. When the cooling system started acting up, she simply managed to chop the system attempting to fix it. I had to take the owner to small claims court when she refused to pay for a current cooling system. I am getting a lawyer to pursue civil disfigures against our former property owner. I was super lucky that a family member agreed to let me sleep on the couch until I find better long term housing.

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