The only good thing about working from home

I have found that, for me, the only good thing about having to work from home is the fact that I’m the only one in charge of the thermostat settings in my “office.” At my actual place of business where I have to work with a whole team of other people, there are always arguments and disagreements going on because of the thermostat settings.

  • Some people think it’s too cold in there, and some people always think that it’s too hot.

It doesn’t ever really matter where the temperature is set. Someone is always going to complain and that’s just how it is. I always felt sorry for the office manager at the office because people were always going to complain to her about the heating and the air conditioning. I never envied her of having that job! Anyway, now that I am working from home literally all the time, I don’t ever have to worry about the heating and cooling settings on the thermostat. I get to decide if I want to turn the A/C up or down at any given time and it’s the best thing ever. I like being in charge of the temperature in my office. I hate working from home, other than that. I really miss being in the office for the most part. I miss my friends and getting dressed up in professional clothes every day of the week. I also miss going out to lunch with some of my co-workers. But at least I’m never worried about how to dress for work now. Before, I never knew whether I needed to wear a giant sweater or a tank top to work!

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