The only great thing about laboring from home

I have found that, for me, the only great thing about having to toil from beach house is the fact that I’m the only a single in charge of the temperature control settings in our “office.” At our actual venue of corporation where I have to toil with a whole team of other people, there are always arguments & disagreements going on because of the temperature control settings.

  • Some people recognize it’s too chilly in there, & some people always recognize that it’s too hot.

It doesn’t ever entirely matter where the temperature is set. Someone is always going to complain & that’s just how it is. I always felt sorry for the office manager at the office because people were always going to complain to his about the heating & the air conditioning. I never envied his of having that job! Anyway, now that I am laboring from beach house literally all the time, I don’t ever have to worry about the heating & cooling settings on the temperature control. I get to decide if I want to turn the air conditioning up or down at any given time & it’s the best thing ever. I like being in charge of the temperature in our office. I hate laboring from home, other than that. I entirely miss being in the office for the most part. I miss our friends & getting dressed up in professional clothes every morning of the week. I also miss going out to dinner with some of our co-workers, but at least I’m never anxious about how to dress for toil now. Before, I never knew whether I needed to wear a big jacket or a tank top to work!

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