The premiere was fantastic because of the chiller rental

Opening night of the film premiere needed to be entirely perfect in addition to I was in charge of setting up the details. It was honestly my first solo party in addition to I wanted every detail to be on point… The film premiere was an indy film about a boy that can control the snow in addition to the wind. I was hoping to incorporate ice into the party theme, however keeping a massive space cool enough for ice was a tremendous issue. My boss tried to talk me out of the idea, but I knew I could pull it off with the perfect equipment. In order to keep the entire event space cold, we rented a few commercial chillers. The commercial chillers arrived by semi truck. They were set up to pull away the heat from inside the building. My boss did not know the commercial chillers would actually work, however they worked like a charm. I also rented an ice unit from the same unit rental business. They deliver all the materials to create snow, the ice machine, in addition to the commercial chillers. The bill was a little bit costly, however the party was a beautiful success. The producer of the film was so impressed by our theme in addition to attention to detail that he hired us to work on the next multiple movies. They will be released over the upcoming month. Each film presents identifiable party planning challenges, and one film is set in the distant future. The entire party will be in full darkness. The next film is set on the actual sun. The third film is a biopic documentary that is basically about an english boy growing up in 1915 Siberia, Russia.


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