The sound of the jackhammer was intense

I knew that my neighbor was going to be on vacation starting Monday, but I didn’t expect the guy to have so much energy first thing in the morning.

Carl was planning to tackle a light construction project in the backyard.

He was planning to remove some old pieces of concrete retaining wall, so he could build a new and beautiful wood fence. Carl is a big guy with lots of muscles. I assumed he would use a pickaxe or a sledgehammer to break up the concrete pieces of the wall. Unfortunately, Carl decided to buy a jackhammer. At 6 in the morning, the sound of the jackhammer was so intense that I thought my house was under attack. I didn’t know that Carl was going to start his construction project at the first crack of light. I grabbed a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers and I walked over to my neighbor’s house. Carl couldn’t hear the doorbell over the sound of the jackhammer, so I let myself in through the gate of the fence. I surprised Carl when I walked around the corner. The guy looked puzzled to see me in the backyard of his home. I begged my neighbor to reconsider his construction project until everyone had a chance to get up and have breakfast. He decided to stop construction until 7:30, but then he started making a lot of noise again. I listened to the sound of the jackhammer for ten hours. Thankfully, the rest of the construction project was a lot more quiet.


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