The thing won’t stop running

There’s something going on with the current heating method in our beach house plus I can’t figure it out.

  • The heat turned on some time this afternoon plus it’s been running ever since.

I have never had an issue before with our furnace method before plus so I’m starting to wonder if it’s particularly going to be an issue with the furnace or with the temperature control unit. Of course, I’m not what you would call a handy sort of person, plus I don’t know a thing about indoor heating plus cooling systems. I only know that since I can’t get the furnace to finally stop running, I am about to burn up in our own house. Even though it’s still pretty cold today outside here, I have the windows cracked in nearly every room of the beach house because at this point the temperature is getting out of control inside. I know that this sounds to be a crazy situation, plus it entirely is. I have never had anything as if this happen to me even once before in all our years of owning homes plus using oil furnaces! Since it won’t stop running second after second, the temperature inside the beach house is all the way up to 75 degrees, even though I know the temperature control settings are only at 69 degrees. I believe that something is apparently stuck anywhere, however I have no method of how to figure out what the problem truly is. Even though the last thing I want to do is spend cash on a professional heating plus cooling company repair bill, I suppose I’m going to have to give up plus call them soon. As it is right now, I’m just heating up the entire outdoors plus paying money for it!


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