The weather and my HVAC

The winter is even worse; it is either you pay the price or freeze to death.

I have never been a big fan of the weather, and of course for me I live in an area where our weather is on both ends of the extremes. The seasons here are just completely whack. We have brutally cold Winters followed by a very short period of slightly warmer springs, and what follows after that is blistering hot summers. I really can’t wait to move out of this area as soon as I can. I’m just waiting until I can save up the money to move to the area I want to. I already have an idea lined up. I plan to move in with my girlfriend many states away, but I’ve been having trouble lining up another job, so until then I’m stuck here. I am just tired of having to deal with all of the costs. Every single year I pay so much money in heating and cooling expenses. The cost of HVAC service around here simply isn’t cheap, not with the weather around here. I feel like every year I’m paying an arm and a leg just to keep my air conditioner from breaking down in the summer but it is a necessary cost if I don’t plan on burning. The winter is even worse; it is either you pay the price or freeze to death. When given only those choices, it isn’t really much of a choice at all unless you can afford to move. So I’m doing what I can to make the best of the situation, although I can’t help but to look into the future with hope. My girlfriend even told me the prices she pays for her heating and cooling bills, and the HVAC companies in her area are much more reasonable. I can’t wait to move.



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