The Worker Changed My Thermostat Settings

I have a programmable control component in our home.

I love it because I can set the temperature differently for weird parts of the morning, & the control component will change the temperature for me.

I love this because I have several un-even temperatures that I enjoy for weird parts of our morning, but right now, I enjoy the temperature to be set to 69 degrees while I was in the morning & I enjoy it to be 75 degrees in the night. I suppose this is only a 2 degree temperature difference, however these several temperature settings help me function best in our home, however last week, I had a company over to work on our floors. They were installing brand modern hardwoods & I was excited. I didn’t bother increasing the temperature before leaving because I knew it would be cool enough for them to work, then by the time I returned to our house, it was late at night & I was gushing over our modern floors. I spent a long time walking through each room & making sure everything was perfect. By the time I got into bed, I was exhausted & didn’t suppose about the temperature, then a few minutes later, I woke up perspiring. I ripped the blankets off of me & tried to cool down. I could hear the oil furnace running, but I waited for it to stop, but normally, our oil furnace only runs for a minute before stopping in the middle of the night. However, it ran for much longer & I was having a difficult time cooling myself. I realized that one of the workers had unprogrammed our control component & changed our control component settings to 68 degrees! It was no wonder I was hot!