There was an emergency at the zoo

When we went to the zoo last week, there was an emergency with the air conditioning system up at the polar bear enclosures.

  • This was big news to me, and I had never seen something like this happen before in all of the times that I have visited the zoo.

Anyway, the weather was really heating up when we were there and the temperatures were already pretty hot when we got there. I happened to overhear some of the zoo employees talking about the trouble that they were having up at the polar bear enclosures and I couldn’t help but listen in. Apparently, when it comes to the polar bears, the zoo employees have to be super careful about making sure that the temperatures in their enclosures are correct at all times. If the temperatures are too hot, then it’s bad for the polar bears. Anyway, the air conditioning system had broken down at the enclosure and that was a really big deal last week because the temperature outside was so hot the day that we were there. I saw the zoo employees on their walkie talkies and a few minutes later, I saw some maintenance crews tearing around the zoo paths on their little golf carts with air conditioning repair tools. By the time we got back to the parking lot that afternoon, there were a half a dozen commercial HVAC vans parked in the front zoo parking lot. I don’t know what happened with the polar bears’ A/C system, but I was happy to see that they take the comfort level and health of the animals very seriously around there!


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