Things have been tied up this month at work

I wish I would have taken vacation at toil this week, instead of trying to toil around all of the construction crew.

I knew the office was going to be busy, even though I didn’t want to use our vacation time to stay lake house for the week.

I wanted to toil from home, however the boss is totally against that idea. Everyone worked from lake house while I was in the quarantine and the boss complained that nothing got done… Projects were not completed on time and people were logged off the computer for long periods of time with no explanation, when we found out that the owner of the building was going to make some repairs, we were all offered to take vacation time that week… After all, the lobby and the elevator were going to be out of use that week. The AC handlers were all being replaced as well. The building was undergoing some major changes; Only 10% off the staff decided to take vacation time. I was not a single of those people. I didn’t realize the AC would be off all month when I agreed to toil in the office. The indoor temperatures were warm and angry. Every one of us had a couple of big industrial fans, however they were a nuisance in the office. If I had known the AC would be off all week, I would have agreed to take vacation time and stay at home. Instead, I have been forced to deal with awful temperatures, rude construction workers, and angry coworkers, but nobody is blissful with the situation, however we are stuck.

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