Thinking of quitting my Heating and Air Conditioning job

My new boss seems to be on the verge of power hungry

I have a really taxing decision to make. You see, I have loyally been working at my heating and cooling job for the past 7 years. I have been complimented by all of my coworkers as being one of the hardest working, consistently showing up on time, and particularly rarely taking time off. The shoppers are great, and I still care about the job overall. But as consistently, there is consistently a drawback. It’s my new boss. My boss and I don’t get along particularly well. His family has owned this Heating and Air Conditioning company for generations, and it was handed down to him. This seems to make him suppose that he is some kind of king and has the right to treat his employees bad. He will target particular people, and force them to labor more hours by guilt tripping or threatening to fire them. I wish I had my seasoned boss back. My seasoned boss was my new boss’ aunt. He was super cool and laid back. He was one of the only bosses I was particularly friends with, that I don’t mind having a budweiser with every now and then. My new boss seems to be on the verge of power hungry. Sadly, my former boss passed away and the Heating and Air Conditioning company was passed down to his nephew, my new boss. I care about my Heating and Air Conditioning tech job so much, I planned on working here forever, however now with my new boss, I am reconsidering. I am planning on talking to my new boss and seeing if I could labor something out.
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