Trip to the Spa with Granddaughter

My granddaughter came to the home Last week and begged me to go with her.

She recalled I had said I needed a haircut, plus she was going to get her eyebrows waxed.

I saw no problem with her eyebrows, however then again, maybe she had them waxed on a somewhat set schedule. I went to the salon with her. I had never been in a nail salon as fancy as this. It was more of a high-end salon where they had proper uniforms. All customers were greeted with a beverage plus given robes to put on. My granddaughter surprised me by saying Happy Birthday plus said we were getting massages plus she was planning to get a full body wax. I couldn’t think what she was saying. She had been wanting to try sugaring, however this salon only provided waxing plus threading. I was aghast at the system of having all my hair ripped out by the roots, even though she didn’t believe waxing was a big deal. She told me she had a high ability to put up with pain, plus the ends justify the means with waxing. She asked if I wanted to get my eyebrows waxed. If it hurt too much, I didn’t have to go any further. If it didn’t hurt too too much, she was going to tell them I wanted my legs waxed. I wasn’t sure I desired any waxing, even though she was so insistent. I had my eyebrows waxed plus then uttered a hesitant yes to waxing my legs. I didn’t hear her yell when they were waxing her legs. I was the Grandmother so of course I should also be able to get through the wax, at least once, without screaming.


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