Trying to get the HOA off my back over my HVAC

There is certainly a place for rules in structure within our society and our communities. I’m all for that. I think having a sense of structure and parameters for behavior is wise and important. But, when you go after someone for the shade of their HVAC cabinet, that might me an example of going too far. This is what I am currently dealing with. The HOA in our planned community is threatening me with all sorts of penalties and litigation. What did I do? Did I paint my house purple or put in live chickens in the back yard. No, I simply had a sun faded HVAC outside cabinet. That was my deep transgression. When we bought our home, it had a very nice and new HVAC. But over the years, the paint has faded out on the cabinet holding the compressor and condenser. Honestly, I never even noticed it was happening. It’s on a part of the house that I rarely go by. And anything having to do with the HVAC is left to the professionals. However, the HOA noticed. I offered to have it painted to bring back the color but this wasn’t a good enough solution. They wanted me to replace the cabinet with a new one or get a new HVAC. That is, of course, beyond ridiculous. So, I told them they were in for a fight. Well actually, my lawyer told them that. I was through dealing with the HOA’s hostility. And once they threatened legal action, I simply turned it over to my lawyer. We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I had the HVAC cabinet repainted.

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