Two important moves for new HVAC owners

We bought a home as is and that had some good points and bad points as well.

Of course, buying our home as is was a great way to deeply reduce the cost of the home.

We had to agree to take the house just as we saw it including all the things like HVAC, kitchen appliances and other stuff that had to be replaced. The tough part came with the fact that we had a lot of work to do on our home prior to being able to really live in and enjoy the home. Much of that work was going to have to be done on our own. Our renovation budget was limited to the sort of things that my wife and I just weren’t able to do. The first of those things was to get an upgraded quality heating and air system in the house. The old HVAC equipment did run but it really wasn’t in any way fully operational. Actually, I don’t think it would have done any sort of heating or cooling at all. When we started the heating and cooling equipment, all it really could do was weakly move the air. So we worked with an HVAC contractor to figure out what sort of HVAC upgrade we could afford and what sort of HVAC equipment would work best. We got a bright spot there is that the ductwork was in great shape. So we chose to replace the heat pump and move on. The HVAC contractor made sure that we did two vitally important things once the installation was over. He urged us to register the warranty with the factory and immediately call the HVAC company to set up an HVAC service plan.