Upgrade to a quality HVAC air filter for better indoor air quality

I have never spent this much time inside the HVAC comfort of my home.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful to have that HVAC comfort. When you live in a region that has a really cold winter followed by a hot summer, HVAC comfort is essential. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with the seasonal extremes with anything other than our quality HVAC. Still, I just haven’t ever spent this much time in my house. I work from home now. The pandemic saw to that. I’m lucky to have a bit of a home office where I can do that. That’s because not only am I working from home but my kids are learning virtually from home as well. My wife has maintained her part time retail job but the rest of the time she’s in here with us. This made me start to consider the environment from a different perspective. Our home has always been kept clean. All of us being home all the time hasn’t changed that aspect one bit. We are still very vigilant about cleaning and organization. However, I started to consider the cleanliness of the air. That’s when I learned about the effects of indoor air quality. With a pandemic raging, we for sure want our immune response in top form. Good indoor air quality is a key to that. So, I ditched the cheap HVAC air filters and replaced them with HEPA type air filters. The change was noticeable immediately. And I know the change in our immune health is happening as well.
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