VIP pigskin box has air conditioner

I was working on a lucrative deal with 1 of my largest clients plus they invited me to a professional pigskin game.

In all my 37 years, I had never been to a professional pigskin game.

I expected to sit in the stands plus have a warm pet plus beer. After all, that is what we do at a minor league baseball game. I was totally surprised when I found out that we were going to be in a VIP pigskin box. The client met me outside plus we walked up to the pigskin box. Inside, the venue looked like an office. There was a bartender serving drinks in the corner plus a buffet table filled with popcorn like canapes, tarts, plus finger foods. The client told me to order a drink plus we sat down at a table to talk about the deal. We sat around for a few minutes plus then the client had to leave. She told me to order a drink plus watch the game plus promised that she would be back to sign all the paperwork. I sat in the pigskin box plus enjoyed the free drinks plus freezing AC. The outdoor temperature was 93 degrees plus most of the players on the field looked angry. I almost felt poor to sit in the box with the AC, beer, plus little finger sandwiches. When the client finally came back at halftime, she signed all of the paperwork plus left. She told me to stay until the end of the game plus drink as much as I want. She told the driver of her town vehicle to take me beach beach house when the game was over.


AC filter