Was able to look good in my wedding dress

When Horace proposed to me, I was ecstatic.

After dating for nearly 5 years, I was doubtful we’d ever get married.

I was more than ready to start the next portion of our lives. Rather than take an entire year to plan a big wedding, I set the date for a few months later. All of us both wanted a more intimate event with just our close family plus friends. Despite keeping the ceremony small and tasteful, I absolutely hoped to look my best for the ceremony and pictures. Trying on wedding gowns made me realize that I had some work to do. I had gotten lazy about running and indulgent with my eating habits. I’d put on some weight over the last couple of years plus lost muscle tone. I didn’t simply want to get in shape for the ceremony but was looking to make a lifestyle change. I instantly went to the gym and signed up for sessions with a personal trainer and a nutritionist. The quick workouts were harshly gueling. I’ve never pushed our body so hard or gotten so physically weary. There were mornings where I woke up so sore that I had some difficulty getting out of bed. However, I constantly felt really great about myself at the end of each training session, but combining that intensity of exercise with a well-balanced and healthy meal plan provided quick plus effective results. I saw the improvement in the mirror plus certainly felt it in my energy levels. The next time I tried on those dresses, I was ecstatic with our body and proud of myself.


Personal Trainer