We have the heat on in the residing room plus a fan on in the study room.

I am so undoubtedly grateful that we no longer live in the north with it’s freezing winters plus need for a fantastic gas furnace.We live in a subtropical section now plus when I woke up this afternoon, it was 50 degrees outside, however we had the heat on in the residing room plus the fan on in our study room, but this may sound weird to some people, especially around here where most people have central a/c plus heating, but we don’t.

When we purchased this venue last year the Heating as well as A/C component was shot plus we haven’t had the money to upgrade it, and so we use window cooling systems plus space heating systems to cool plus heat our home, then now, normally we wouldn’t necessarily have the heat on when it’s 50 degrees outside.

We are sheltered from the wind so we just used to throw on sweatshirts plus socks plus it wasn’t really all that freezing plus absolutely not uncomfortable. But, now we have parakeets. We have started breeding finches plus their cage is in the residing room. Finches need to be kept warm, plus they have babies in their nest right now, so we have the heat on in the residing room, and, I hate running the heat. The air gets dry, our skin gets dry, our eyep get dry, our nose gets stuffy, so we rarely run the heat in the study room at night… I usually have the window cooling system set on fan plus we bundle up under the covers, even when it is 50 degrees.

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