We have to get our HVAC maintained twice a year

We have to get our HVAC maintained twice a year in order to keep the warranty valid.

This wasn’t something that I realized until it was almost too late, though. I mean, I guess they probably told us about it when we first bought the HVAC system, but I wasn’t really listening. I don’t ever really read the fine print in things like that, and I almost paid for it by voiding my warranty! I guess I just saw the word warranty on our new heating and cooling system, I just assumed that it would cover any problems that we ended up having with it later down the road. Well, after the heating and cooling company came out and did the installation for us, we didn’t have any problems at all with it. I guess your HVAC system is one of those things that just runs in the background and you actually end up forgetting about it unless something goes wrong. Well, in our case, it was a really good thing that the air conditioning stopped working when it did because it was literally the day before our warranty would have been voided when I called them! I couldn’t believe that I had barely made it under the wire. It would have been terrible if we had accidentally voided our warranty by just neglecting to have the A/C serviced when we should have. Now, the twice yearly maintenance appointments are scheduled in advance and they are written in bold on my calendar! I never want to forget something that important again!

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