We love our new security system

My husband and I split up our time between several houses.

We try to spend approximately half the year at each one of them.

All of us remain in the north from early March to the end of October and then we all head south for the next few months. And with our living arrangements, we always get to enjoy the best weather in both locations. All of us avoid the Summer heat and the humidity down south and the snow and sub zero Winter temperatures up in the north. But for us, taking care of several houses is more of a task and worry. All of us stress over the possibility of our pipes freezing in our empty condo if something should go wrong with the heater. All of us are always concerned over fires and break-ins. That’s why we finally invested in a modern home automation plan for each residence, and our plan includes a smart thermostat, a carbon monoxide detector, a smoke detector, moisture sensors and all other sorts of security features. Also, our condo is equipped with glass breakage sensors, surveillance cameras and even automated door locks! If someone should enter the house, they only have thirty seconds to punch in a security code before the alarm sounds! My husband and I instantly get notified when someone enters. And unless it is a false alarm, the proper authorities are dispatched. So now we have the ability to keep an eye on both houses because of the surveillance cameras. We can watch a live video stream through our computers, tablets or smartphone at any time. The whole modern home automation plan has given us greater comfort, efficiency, and convenience. It’s also made going back and forth between several properties way easier for us.

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