What could be causing my humidifier not to work

Humidifiers are important for attaining the right level of humidity for a home or office.

Humidity levels affect the quality of air in your space and may also determine how comfortable you and your family are. If you find yourself in a position where you must use a humidifier to balance the humidity levels in your space, you should understand when it works and know when there is an issue to worry about. In most cases, you may notice whenever the humidifier is not working since the air will be too dry, and in extreme cases, you may even be struggling with static shocks. The first thing is to find out why this is happening. The humidifier can stop working because of various reasons, including forgetting to turn the humidifier on after the last session it was used. It is also possible for the homeowner to switch it on but forget to bypass a water valve or a damper, affecting its efficiency. It is also possible that failing to clean the humidifier at least once every heating season or twice a year when using hard water can affect its efficiency and even cause its failure. Note that filters clogged with sediments will hinder the humidifier’s efficiency. Understand when to call your HVAC professional since there are issues that you cannot handle alone. For professional HVAC intervention, problems such as clogged valves, bad humidistat, bad motor, and shorted or faulty wiring need the technician to step in. However, there are those you can handle on your own, including closed water valves, turning the humidistat high enough, opening the damper bypass, and ensuring the water level is not too low. The bottom line is to know how to deal with the humidifier’s issues which means that troubleshooting is a must-have skill.

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